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24/7/365 Monitoring Central Station

 For your peace of mind, you need your system to be monitored, by a UL listed central station that is watching your signal around the clock.  Reliability is paramount with any alarm monitoring system.

The UL- certified central stations that serve you, as our monitoring headquarters are owned and operated by Rapid Response with over 75000 sq. feet facility in Syracuse, NY and a fully redundant 21000 sq. feet facility in Corona, CA. Rapid Response,  a top tier national alarm monitoring company, is a quantum leap ahead of other security monitoring providers. Every aspect of technology at Rapid Response, infrastructure and operations are multi-redundant to work faultlessly and assure error-free, uninterrupted service to the clients nationwide. This includes dual fiber optic communications paths, alarm processors with backup servers and diesel generators for uninterrupted power.


Rapid Response - CSAA Five Diamond Award Recipient

When your signal is received, trained, experienced and caring specialists at Rapid Response, a recipient of the prestigious CSAA Five Diamond award for their commitment to training and service excellence, respond to your emergency, dispatch law enforcement and stay on the line with you until help arrives. As our customer, you have entrusted us with a portion of your family’s security – and we take that responsibility very seriously.






Rapid Response - UL Certified Facility

 Rapid Response’s facilities are protected 24/7 by analytic video surveillance and physical security officers, plus continuously updated facial recognition access technology and multi-agency approved fail safes. Custom designed to meet and exceed industry standards, Rapid Response’ facilities are approved by multiple licensing and certification agents including the United States Department of Defense, Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) for UUFX, CRZH, CRZM, CV56 and system compliance with UL 1981.

Integrated Video Monitoring System

 PegaSync's IP-based security systems elevate protection to the next level. By integrating intrusion detection, fire safety, access control, video surveillance with the almost universal access of internet networking, you get a more secure, efficient and economical solution.You also get a powerful security tool that can be controlled from mobile devices virtually anywhere.

PegaSync offers short term month-to-month monitoring plans or you can sign a contract for regular service for an extended period of your choice. Manufacturer warranties are available on specific parts and products.PegaSync will monitor unlimited zones so you can be sure your family and property are safe and protected at all times while making you eligible for a homeowner’s insurance discount which can sometimes even cover the cost of your monitoring service. All of our UL Listed Central Station plans connect your system to a live operator 24/7/365 who can call the proper authorities for dispatching in case of a confirmed break-in, fire, or any other type of emergency. PegaSync is always there when you need us and best of all, we have no activation fees and no hidden charges!

To learn more regarding security monitoring for your home or business facility, please contact PegaSync today. We will be glad to answer your questions.